“Impact investing” turned ten last year but there is still much confusion and misperception around the term as well as other obstacles that have to be overcome for capital at scale to come in. 

Impact Toronto provides a peer venue of education and opportunities designed for all companies that are exploring new ways to align assets and mission.

We will explore the following topics:

• What is impact investing?
• What are examples of successful implementation practices from endowments, foundations, and family offices?
• What needs to happen for more capital at scale to enter the sector?
• What trends and themes will be shaping the market going forward?
Family Offices, Foundations, Institutional Investors,
Wealth Advisors & Asset Managers
Big Path Speaker - Nicholas Parker
Big Path Capital Speaker - Christian Wray
Big Path Speaker - Serge LeVert-Chiasson
Big Path Event Speaker - Tom Rand
We are currently working on building a great line up of speakers for Toronto!
Big Path Event Speaker - Richard Muller
Big Path Event Speaker - Vikash Jain
Big Path Event Speaker - Martin Grosskopf
Big Path Event Speaker - Corey Berman
Big Path Event Speaker - Praveen Sahay
Big Path Event Speaker - Erica Barbosa Vargas
Big Path Event Speaker - Diana Wesselius
Big Path Capital
Seating is limited.
Registration is required.
12:00 pm
11:10 am
Impact in Action
10:10 am
Investor Panel
9:50 am
9:30 am
8:30 am
Registration & Networking
Next Stop...Toronto, Canada
May 2nd, 2018
A half-day event for investors to learn about impact investing
Integrating Economy and Environment

Big Path Capital's signature Impact Across America events are designed around broad themes.

-- Mainstreaming Impact to bring the message of Maximum Return + Maximum Impact
-- SmarterMoney+ to new audiences
-- Highlighting one of many impact themes such as Diversity & Climate Change Solutions

Big Path Capital was founded in 2007 in response to the old economy driven by the single gear of profit maximization reaching a dead end.  It was a moment of reckoning during which Big Path Capital was formed to advance an expansive economy built on natural, social, and financial capital. This new path, conducting business for profit and impact, represents the largest investment opportunity of our era.

Today, Big Path Capital is the leading boutique impact financial services firm delivering the most effective, efficient and successful capital raising experience and merger/acquisition services for impact focused companies, funds and investors.   Below are Big Path's four core services:

Companies:  assists owners in business sales and in equity and debt capital raising
Funds:  provides capital raising services to private fund managers
Convenings: organizes several marquee events for impact investors
Education:   curates and aggregates top impact research and content to facilitate easy access around impact themes and topics
Click on cover to download and to access back copies of SmarterMoney Review
Big Path Capital Education - Smarter Money Review - Benchmarks for Impact Investors
Big Path Capital Education - Smarter Money Review - Diversity
Impact Capitalism Summiot - London
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Momentum Summit
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